Memory Book for Shoshana Weintraub

The following are the memories those of us have of Shoshana/Shoshi/Shosha :

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Visitor: Gordon Green
Time: May 11, 6:51 PM

Shoshana was welcomed to the community of Kealing middle school. She was a friend to me and many more. I don't think I will ever forget her.

The last time I talked to her she was laughing until her sides hurt. She was happy and she didn't have a care in the world in her eyes. She was laughing and the best final memory anyone can have.

Shoshana is the first person that died I truly cared about and it's hard to comprehend how much everyone cared about her. I can't and I have to say this all. I wise man I know made me remember these "Just say so long don't say goodbye," we can't leave you Shoshana, you're part of us. Part of your friends your beautiful family and everyone you know. We are all connected and I understand it. Thank you Shoshana for being a friend and so long.

I'll always remember you.

Visitor: Martin Hutchinson
Time: May 11, 8:31 PM

She always seemed to have a smile on her face. When something dissapointed her, the smile flickered for a mere second before returning. I don't believe I ever saw Shoshana when she was truly depressed. She was always able to cheer me up, even though her methods were a bit unconventional (they mainly seemed to involve Sasha and her stealing something from me or, as Sasha said, "torturing" me in some way) they always seemed to work. Perhaps it was just seeing her smile that brought my spirits from the bottom of the dumpster. She was an enormously kind person, and I never once saw her fight with one of her friends, or say a harsh word about anybody at all. It is amazing, the last thing I remember saying to her was "leave me alone". I was so wrapped up with my own pathetic little problems that day that I didn't say good bye to her when she left on the band trip. I may be alone in this, but I know that I always took her friendship for granted, always expecting her to be there the next day. When she suddenly isn't, my brain can't come to grips with it. She talked to me a great deal about "V for Vendetta", so Shoshana, this is for you.

"Remember, remember the fifth of November
The gunpowder treason and plot
I see no reason why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot"
The melody of Guy Fawkes
V for Vendetta

Visitor: Mary Rodriguez
Time: May 12, 10:23 PM

Thank you so much for allowing me to share the beautiful memories of your sweet baby girl. I have come back here several times just to reread the messages from the people who Shoshana has touched in her short life.

Visitor: Her father and mother
Time: May 12, 6:11 PM

Good Night
    Cold Star,
    Polar Star,
    Mr. B,
    La Nina,
    Dusty Roads,
    On The Contrary,
    Picture Perfect,
    T. J.,
    and Tizzy

Good Night Everybody, Good night Mommy (or Daddy)

What Shoshi would say every night when we turn out her light - saying good night to just some of the horse on the posters by her bed and then us.

Visitor: Her father and mother

My boyfriend is a hyperintelligent shade of blue.

Walk, Trot, Canter...
  ~___|>     ~___|>      ~___|>
 ((       ))       /\    /\        ||     ||
The Three Stages of LIFE

I'd like to say that horses are my life, but my parents want to retire.
Shoshana's mail signature.

The Walk, trot, canter explains Shoshana's view of life in more ways than she thought

The "Louie" nick name is explained earlier

The Horse are my life comment came from us telling her (often) we would love to buy her a horse - but we also want enough money to retire on

I never got to ask her about the 'My boyfriend is a hyperintelligent shade of blue.' - can any one tell us?

We now have the full story of the hyperintelligent shade of blue. The phrase originates from Shoshana's 4th most favorite book series - "Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy" and beyond that we will not elaborate

Visitor: Laurie Drucker
Time: May 16, 3:08 PM

Tina and Steve, when I first met Shoshana, I felt an immediate connection. Even though I didn't get to know her (unfortunately), being around your kids, I knew one thing: they've got great parents and I wanted to be that kind of a parent. Watching Shoshana Friday nites at your house, I realized why I felt so at home - her glasses, her short hair, always with a book in her hands - it was like looking at myself, only a better version. I knew instinctively that this was an extremely bright child who would make a positive mark on the world. Little did I know that she already had! That's one of the painful benefits of being able to read other recollections and to hear your stories; I probably wouldn't have known so much about her otherwise. One of my favorite memories is when Paula and I stayed late at your house after the others left and we all gathered in her bedroom and you showed us their amazing science projects. Shoshana was a bright star and it's apparent that she left her mark on many people. You should both feel proud that you raised such an inspiring and influential human being. Two, in fact, as Aaron is a most wonderful and terrific boy. Look up in the sky, you will see her shining brightly, twinkling and watching over you.

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