Memory Book for Shoshana Weintraub

The following are the memories those of us have of Shoshana/Shoshi/Shosha :

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Visitor: Sicily Brewer
Time: May 10, 6:47 PM

Shoshana was a great and very compassionate person. I was lucky to attend elementary school with her and I still reamember the exact present she gave me, It was this horse chapter book with this best frinds necklace in it. Also I remember when I came to her house and she showed me all of her toy horses and was telling meall baout them. Also I love the fact that she was not afraid to be herself.With her spidermanskirt , and her Hairwraps, also herpink and black converse. She touched more people in her thirteen years than most people will do in a lifetime. I also would sit with her sometimes on the bus and shecould helpmy defensein arguing with Alec and also help me with problems I had. Another thing I remember is when we would tune Mr. G would whisper and say "Shoshana" I can't hear you and things like that. Theres just so much to say about Shoshana I will miss herdearly but she will always have a place in my heart, mind, and soul. I will always remember thosegood timeswehad together.
Sicily Brewer

Visitor: Estrella Gonzales

Time: May 11, 4:15 AM

Visitor: Adele, Victor, Bili and Zoe Yin
Time: May 11, 10:05 AM

To the Weintraub family,

Our daughter Bili also a Kealing clarinetist (8th grade)in the fateful Chicago trip greatly enjoyed her friendship and camraderie with her fellow bandmember Shoshana. We mourn her loss and extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to the Weintraub family.

The Yin family.

Visitor: alysa
Time: May 11, 3:51 PM

Shoshana was a great person. I can't think of any other way to put it. She could lighten the mood with her sarcasim. She was a great, but quiet clarinet player. She was great at soccer. I think we should just remember the good things about her. We will feel happy when we think of her that way.

Visitor: Martha Coleman
Time: May 11, 4:16 PM

Shoshana and I would always have funny conversations about her T-shirts. (Well, they would start that way, and then they would flow into something else, so on and so forth...) She was a very bright, and intellegent young woman. Whenever I didn't understand something she was always happy to explain it to me. (Sometimes more than once...) I'm really glad to have known her, she was a very good friend.

Visitor: Natasha Thomas
Time: May 11, 5:02 PM

You were such an amazing person
We love you and we'll miss you soo much

Visitor: Natasha Thomas
Time: May 11, 5:03 PM

When I first heard about what had happened from my friend, Allison on Friday night. I convinced myself that it was all a cruel,ill-humored joke. But, later that evening, my dad called me and told me that I had to leave, and he had some very bad news for me. But the last thing I expected him to tell me was that one of the most amazing person I have ever known had died. But that's just what he told me, I could tell that he had been crying, his eyes were red and puffy, and his face tear-stained.

My parents knew Shoshi pretty well, and since we lived pretty close to each other, we would hang out alot. We didn't get to be to be too close until the beginning of 7th grade, when I came to Kealing. Before that, we didn't have much to talk about. We never had any classes together, but last semester, when we both had B lunch, we would sit together and talk. I don't remember when the last time I saw her was, but I remember that sometime earlier that week, I was walking with her in the hall after school, and we were poking random people and running off, and telling just about everyone we saw that we loved them, even if we didn't know them.

I have so many memories of her, but I remember one time at soccer practice quite a while ago, we were chasing each other around with waterbottles filled with ice cold water, and squirting each other. By the end of practice we were both soaked and freezing and huddling against each other for warmth, but it was so fun, we were both grinning broadly at each other and argueing about who had won.

She was a very competetive person, she would never give up on anything, no matter how hard it was. But she was still a fun person to be around. Shoshi was a bold, daring, and an exiting person to be around. I'll miss her so much.

Even now, I keep thinking that I'll see her again, or that I can call her and talk to her. She was one of the few people that I felt comfortable telling everything to. I just knew that she wouldn't tell anyone, so if anything was troubling me, or if something really embarassing had just happened to me, or if I just had to talk to someone, I call Shoshi, and talk for a long time. The last time I had talked to her on the phone was on Tuesday, she was telling me about how awesome this band trip was going to be, and how well the band would place, and she was bragging to me about how much better the Band Geeks were better than the 'Ork Dorks'. But not in a mean way at all.

There's so much more I have to say about her, but my hands are beginning to get so sore. So I'll just say that Shoshi, we'll never forget you. And you'll live on forever in our hearts, everyone loved you so much, and we all still do.


Visitor: Becky Raven
Time: May 11, 6:11 PM

Shoshana was an amazing girl who was not afraid to be herself. She had a Spiderman skirt she loved dearly(and I personally think was pretty much the coolest thing ever) Shoshana had a bear that she wasn't afraid to hold on the bus on the way to Chicago, even though the possiblility that someone would make fun of it was ever present. Thursday, April 27th, Shoshana let me hold that bear, but only for a minute. Laura Hallock later told me that the bear used to be blue, but Shoshana loved it so much that it turned white. She made me laugh, smile, and all around made my day better. She knew what life was about, and always showed it with the smile that came from her heart. They say you can't die until you learn how to love. Shoshana proved that she could love, and she taught the rest of us who were having a little trouble do it too. It is better to have loved her and lost her, than to never have loved her at all.
I will treasure her memory in my heart forever, in all that I do. I LOVE YOU SHOSHANA!!!

Visitor: Gordon Green
Time: May 11, 6:51 PM

Shoshana was welcomed to the community of Kealing middle school. She was a friend to me and many more. I don't think I will ever forget her.

The last time I talked to her she was laughing until her sides hurt. She was happy and she didn't have a care in the world in her eyes. She was laughing and the best final memory anyone can have.

Shoshana is the first person that died I truly cared about and it's hard to comprehend how much everyone cared about her. I can't and I have to say this all. I wise man I know made me remember these "Just say so long don't say goodbye," we can't leave you Shoshana, you're part of us. Part of your friends your beautiful family and everyone you know. We are all connected and I understand it. Thank you Shoshana for being a friend and so long.

I'll always remember you.

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