May the One who makes Peace in the high places make peace for us and for all Israel.
Our family has been overwhelmed by the tremendous support the Community has given us in this time of tragedy. We are asking all of you to please tell us all you can about Shoshana and your impressions and your memories (good or bad). Please enter those below into the guestbook, or if you don't want to do so publicly - please Email them to us at my email address : We wish to thank everyone for their kindness and compassion at this time, and we wish to remind everyone of all the others who suffering because of her untimely death. Please share the support you are giving us with her friends, her fellow students, her teachers, and all those in pain - including yourselves.

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Please feel free to post more than once as more memories come to you.

Note : Because of gustbook spam, all entries get emailed to the family - we will post, reformat and clean up entries as soon as we can after we receive them.