Memory Book for Shoshana Weintraub

The following are the memories those of us have of Shoshana/Shoshi/Shosha :

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Visitor: Sydney Vize
Time: May 8, 2:16 PM

I didn't know Shoshana very well until this year, when we had more than one class together, and even so, I honestly don't ever think I'll be able to forget what has happened.

Shoshana was one of the most vivid, upbeat people I have ever had the pleasure to know. The experience we've all been through these past few weeks has thrown all of the people who knew her into sharp realization of that. And I, like many others, wish that I got another chance truly to appreciate that spark in her more.

Visitor: Lisa Sands
Time: May 8, 3:16 PM

Dear Tina, Steven, and Aaron,
Although I never met Shoshana, I wanted to write and tell you how she touched my life. I accompanied the students to the state Science Olympiad meet April 28th and 29th, and I was with the teachers when they shared the tragic news of Shoshana's passing. The students' shock and grief clearly showed me the impact that Shoshana had on the lives of her friends on the Science Olympiad team. My son is a 6th grader and he did not know Shoshana but he was saddened by the news. He made quite a few cranes in her memory. Although we never met Shoshana, she touched our lives and will remain in our memory and hearts.

Lisa Sands

Visitor: Heidi
Time: May 8, 4:00 PM

I didn't know Shoshana as well as so of the most loving, compassionate of you all. But I do remember that she had this true zest and spirit to just enjoy life, never to interrupt the lives of others for her personal justification. And that is only one thing in millions that we love about Shoshana.

When I was in 5th grade, and so was Shoshana, our soccer teams practiced on the same field, Lucy Reed. I will always remember playing against her, and how she'd always beat me to the soccer ball in some way- and I always wished I could have the same sort of playing spirit she had.

Thurday, before the Friday in Chicago, we were on the band trip together, and I remembered sitting right by Shoshana at Giordano's pizza. Suddenly, my hands got very bored, so they picked up a dinner knife and began sawing away at her napkin. Being the Shoshana I remembered, she said, "Gosh, Heidi, why are you cutting up my napkin? Go cut up your own napkin!" and in a very joking manner. That day, Shoshana had not been feeling well on the bus, and I believe that perked her up a bit.

Always will we remember her laugh
and many other countless things
that only Shoshana could show.
Very Shoshana-like.

Visitor: Callie Harakal
Time: May 8, 4:11 PM

Hey, well, I really miss Shoshana and I'm sure we all do. For a poetry project we had to write a poem and I chose to write mine about Shoshana. It's called "A Life Well Lived". Here it is:

Her demeanor was pleasant and often fun;
Her speech could make anyone smile.
She'd do right if she were the only one;
Her friends would stretch over a mile.

Her laugh was light in a darkened place;
She stood up for those weaker than her.
She showed unto others much mercy and grace,
And loved all animals that bark or purr.

She was quite well rounded from science to sports,
And rode horses when time would allow.
Her confidence was strong enough to defeat a large fort,
And that makes us wonder why and how.

Her life was suddenly taken away
With no warning or final goodbyes.
All who knew her wished God had let her stay;
When she left there was much weeping and cries.

Why would God take such an innocent friend
Whom I knew since day one of my life?
Her home was right near mine, just down the bend.
She was there for me in hard times and strife.

I know God had a plan for her sudden death
Though we may not understand it at all.
Her life was a blessing to those in her path,
And while she was here, surely life was a ball.

Visitor: noreen
Time: May 8, 5:06 PM

I guess that i didnt really know who shoshana was until 7th grade.
I got to know her in the class they call "P.E" we hung out together.
I just cant believe it.
The last day I saw her was on wednesday.
The last memory I had with her was in PE, when she didnt feel good
and she refused to do the jump rope activity.
She was in my jump rope routine group, along with 6 other girls.
When we performed the routine without her, all of us were keeping shoshana in mind.
she was a really nice girl in love with horses.

WE LOVE YOU<<3<3,<3!!!!!

Visitor: Anna Parsons
Time: May 8, 5:15 PM

I first met Shoshana at the beginning of 6th grade. We sat next to each other in science and she was in my math class. My favorite memory of her was when we were in about the second or third week of 6th grade. We had just got into the classroom when she pulled out a paper and asked me if i wanted her to draw me a picture. I didn't want to be rude so i filled out the form she gave me. About 2 weeks later she came in with a picture that looked like she had taken so much time to do. It had lots of color and was very good. I mean all i could think was "Wow this girl doesn't even know me and took that much time to draw me a picture." I mean that has to be one great person to do that. Shoshana wasn't my best friend or anything but she was always nice to me. In science in 6th grade she always would tell me and this kid named Alec to stop fighting and get to work. She always made teachers look at her like what a great comment why didn't i think of that or i can't believe a 13 year old just said that.She always had better grades that me and knew how to make people that would not be quiet, be quiet. I will always admire Shoshana and i feel so bad for her family.

Visitor: Ari Hausman- Cohen
Time: May 8, 6:03 PM

Shoshana was a great person, very nice.

Visitor: Hannah R
Time: May 8, 6:21 PM

What I remember most about Shoshana is her debate on which super hero is better. She always supported Spiderman and I totally agree. As Mr. Tysons comic says "Batman is so cliche!"
Shoshana is so loved and will be remembered at Kealing forever. Everyone misses her!

Visitor: mariah
Time: May 9, 9:38 PM

hi, i just wanted to say that shoshi is awsum, and that one memory that i have off the top of my head is actually a piece of paper that i found with my school papers, it is from kinder, and i have a paper that has my favorites, and it has on there that my best friend was shoshana!!! ok my mom is making me go now, so bibi

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