Memory Book for Shoshana Weintraub

The following are the memories those of us have of Shoshana/Shoshi/Shosha :

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Visitor: Margie Wardian
Time: May 6, 2006 12:52 PM

Dear Steve and Tina, there is no greater pain than the loss of a child. I am so sorry you are enduring this pain. I first met Shoshana when she and Dillon were in kindergarten together. Her toothless smile was intoxicating and her mirror image of Tina was extraordinary. I watched her from afar, all those years at Gullette, growing more beautiful each time we met. My thoughts and prayers are with you always.


Visitor: Brigeda Hernandez
Time: May 6, 2006 12:53 PM

I had just met Shoshana this year...she was in my spanish class and sat next to me at lunch a lot of times. I didn't have the chance to really get to know her, but she was always very sweet and was probably one of the coolest people I've ever met. Shoshana was a great person and a great friend, and always seemed to have a smile on her face. She was always really fun to talk to... and she'd always steal our food at lunch. :) Everyone will miss her greatly and she'll be in our hearts forever. We love you Shoshana!!!

Visitor: Sasha Heinen
Time: May 6, 2006 1:48 PM

Shoshana was one of my friends. I only met her at the beginning of seventh grade, and wasn't really good friends with her until the beginning of the second semester. She was funny and nice and wonderful and utterly loveable. We would play around in Texas History and English, make jokes, torture Martin together (sorry, Martin, if you're reading this), and just ake my day better, happier.

I remember once, in English, we were listening to music, and I slid under the table because this guy at our table was singing along in a disturbing kind of way. Then Martin went under to, and Shoshana stuck her head under and started aking kissy-faces at us. She teased me about it for a while, but one of my most vivid memories is Shoshana with her head under the table, laughing.

The last time I saw her was the Wednesday that she left for the trip. Jaz and Lydia and Shoshana and I were walking down the hall, all in a row, pushing each other, shoving each other up against the walls, having a good time. When we got to the bottom of the stairs, she went off with Lydia to the band hall to get her instrument, and I never saw her again. I don't even think I said goodbye.


Visitor: Sandy Leibick
Time: May 6, 2006 3:04 PM

The article simply said that a Kealing student died of natural causes while on a band trip to Chicago. Although I received a phone call with that information earlier, the words were still devastating. It is often said that all of us have one or two special teachers who are etched in our minds and in our hearts. What is not as widely known is that all educators also have a handful of special students that become integral parts of their souls and their hearts. For me, Shoshana Weintraub was such a student. From the day when I rescued a frightened first grader imprisoned in a Gullett Elementary School bathroom because of a stubborn door, to a bright Spring day when we shared a goodbye hug before she left for that strange new world called Junior High, Shoshana was a never-ending smile. Loyal to friends, patient with acquaintances, always willing to befriend the child who needed companionship, are just a few of the images that quickly came rushing back. Shoshana's mom was someone on whom I relied when dealing with school issues that required common sense and good advice. Her father and younger brother completed a family portrait filled with caring, trust and love. The often-used analogy, 'God picked a flower' is only partially correct because in welcoming Shoshana to His Kingdom, God gathered a bouquet.

Sandy Leibick
Retired AISD principal

Visitor: Louisa Keeler
Time: May 6, 2006 3:17 PM

I met Shoshana last year, at the beginning of sixth grade. We were required to take gym for one semester, and we both had it sixth period. There we suffered through nearly impossible coaches and played soccer on Fridays, where Shoshana could aim the ball so well it went straight towards a countless number of heads. And then, when I moved into her English class, listening to her explanation of how she ended up at the back table surrounded by five crazy boys. And we can all thank her for keeping us laughing through the boring first week of texas history, then helping our group of her, Jaz, and me pass our culture project (thanks, Shoshana, for yelling "Jewish! Pick Jewish! Louisa, Jewish!" until I figured out what she was telling me to write on the board). Oh, and thank you, Shoshana, for laughing that last Thursday in Chicago.

Visitor: Laura Hallock
Time: May 6, 2006 3:32 PM

Shoshana's short life paralleled mine for more than six years. As in the many cranes we are striving to finish, there were good days and bad, laughing and crying. In the many beautiful cranes for each day she was here with us, though there are many gray and brown, there is only one black, neither the largest nor most important. And yet, as human beings, we tend to linger on that one moment, that one crane, even among all the bright and colorful ones around it. Instead of remembering a wooden casket disappearing into the earth, we must call to mind a figure in a Spiderman skirt, fingers flying on a shining clarinet. A young teenager, laughing as she passes notes to Pelly about a "sweet sexy onion", or punning the ears off anyone who will listen. A young girl, back arched, heels down, soaring over a fence on a prancing horse. This is the Shoshana I remember, the Shoshana that I never want to forget.

Visitor: Katie Van Leeuwen

Time: May 6, 2006 5:52 PM

Visitor: Giulia Biow
Time: May 6, 2006 6:47 PM

i first met shoshana on the kealing soccer team, and she was very high energized and really fun to be around. what was incredible about her was that she could always put a smile on my face even in the hardest of times. She would always give me piggy back rides after long days of soccer. She had an awesome personality and i always had a blast with her.

Visitor: Ariel "Pelly" Godwin
Time: May 6, 2006 8:07 PM

I hadn't really met Shoshana until about half-way through the first semester of 7th grade. The first time I really noticed her presence was in Science, when we had gone outside for an outdoor experiment. I had made some kind of reference to the movie "Alien" and Shoshana responded by quoting her favorite lines, verbatim. It was that kind of obsessive memory that I shared with her and instantly endeared me to her, though I only remembered her name from the Schlitterbahn trip the year before.

Then we truly met in the 2nd semester, in that wasteland called "P.E." Along with Annabella, Shoshana was the only person I really knew in that class. After Belly switched out to Pop Culture, Shoshana and I started becoming better and better friends as we were forced to run laps, jump rope, and kickball. Her fun spirit and her love for books reminded me of all the friends I've ever had. Truly, she was one of the most alive people I've ever met. She was active and often related humorous stories about soccer practice and her horseback lessons. She'd read the same books as I had. Together we discussed the latest plots of "Harry Potter" or described our favorite lines in "Protector of the Small." Shoshana liked to poke fun at me, and I at her, as well as everybody else. She liked to tap me on the shoulder and surprise me when I turned around. We had so many fun games that I could never fail to enjoy myself around her.

I remember anticipating going to the movies with her to see "V for Vendetta." For days after, we made "V" jokes and had a fun time sharing what we knew. Shoshana, or Louie, was an avid reader and quoted as frequently as possible when I was around. She had a playful habit of snatching away my food or books while I vainly tried to recover them.

I know that she was a good friend because I could never say anything bad about her. She encouraged me to be more active and tried, if somewhat unsuccessfully, to teach me to play a good game of tennis. I went to her house only once, and she went to mine only once. I just wish that I could have had time to experience with her and become even closer friends. She was such a friendly person that I don't think anyone could hate her, even the people she sometimes teased. The teachers were glad to teach her and she was glad to learn.

I remember hearing the news through email and being shocked. I couldn't wrap my mind around it because I thought it was a joke - this loving, hilarious, vivacious person's life extinguished in the blink of an eye? Never. I remember praying desperately as tears flowed down my cheeks that it was a sick prank, even as I was denying myself the fact that it was true.

I've already written so much, but there is so much to say, and yet so little. Shoshana was a beautiful, smart, caring person and I love her so much. Everything seems to be meant for her, and I feel guilty about everything I have that she will miss. Yet I know that she is in heaven and I am glad of the happiness she shared with me, while she lived.


Visitor: Shelley Boucher
Time: May 7, 2006 9:55 AM

Tina, Steve and Aaron,
We are your neighbors on Daleview. Even though we live in the same neighborhood and go to the same school- I did not see Shoshana very often. But just in the last year - we would see her quite frequently-- riding her bike full-speed ahead down our street. I always thought- how nice to glimpse her and " how are Tina and Steve ? " She did not sit on the bike seat, but was riding standing up.
We will miss seeing her ride by .

Love ,
Shelley ,David and Isabel Boucher

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