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Purpose and Philosophy

These are my web projects. Most of these are projects that are the result of almost two decades of work on the internet. Mostly invovled with the Jewish internet. Much of it is an offer information which I believe is unique in its perspective. Since the purpose is information, there is very little in the way of glitzy graphics, just bare bones information.

I intend this page to be a live resource. Although I lead a busy real life, I hope to amend this page often. Adding more information to the current sections and more sections as they become available. Its looks like currently I have about 2-4 free hours a week free for these pursuits. For the first weeks that means getting the rest of what I have on line and handling comments - after that - then comes new work. Please feel free to criticize, suggest, and in some case contribute.

Of course, after such a long internet sojourn, I have established this as my home base. A place I can - from now on - be identified and contacted through. And as such, I place my brief introduction.



Addition questions can be addressed to email: stevenw@chelm.org

enough from this mooncalf - Steven

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