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I have been involved with the Jewish internet for well over a decade and a half. I also try to actively learn more about my religion. This series of web pages is an attempt to pay back to the web and my religion this debt. I have posted here various things I have developed and collected over the years. I think most of this stuff is fairly unique on the web (whats the use of posting something someone already has).

Whats currently out there

The Future

Please be patient. I am very busy and this very incomplete

Here is the planned directions

Request for aid and suggestions

I am always open for suggestions, editorial comments, encouragement, etc. Also I do make errors, and am willing to take corrections (someone recently corrected a calculation error in a number I reported on the calendar page (the algorythms were correct, the number I gave was wrong). Also a contribution in an area of the page that is stubbed out, or could use more data is possible, but check with me before putting effort into it.

Contact me at

What's New

July 29, 1999
Reposted pages at with an improved format
November 12, 1998
Last connection at - had to remove pages
December 12, 1997
started childrens song page
December 5, 1997
Accidental deletion of this file causes it to be recreated, unfortunately previous NEW information is lost. Gave up on absolute dates for promised updates information. I am too busy. It will get here when it get here, keep checking this field (promised new calendar has about 40 hours work left - when I find forty spare hours)


There is an implied copyright on all of it, but please feel free to share it (just not make money on it).

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