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Rules for tor-ch davars
Posting date
The date to post is by the Monday BEFORE the parsha is read. This gives us a week of discussion before many of us join our discussion groups on Shabbat. Example, Shabbat Noah is October 23/Heshvan 13. The post date for davar Noach is October 18/Heshvan 8.
I'd like to think size is unimportant but it is. Probably a fifty line minimun is good. As for the maximum, anything over 200-250 lines will probably get unread but I'd like to leave it open.
Any topic that can be traced to the parsha can be used. It can be about a specific law or act, or it can try to globally define the meaning of the parsha or events related. Grand philosopical leaps are fine too, if they can be shown to be relevant to the parsha. People who have a parsha that spans a holiday might choose a davar related to any Torah reading on the holiday. Personal statements and feelings are discouraged unless they talk about personal quandries about the parsha (for example, If I was doing parsha Korach, I could tell you why I've always felt some kinship to Korach). Revisionism and reinterpretation is fine as long as you're ready to get questioned on it (Korach didn't do anything THAT bad).
I'm not worried about controversy. What I don't want is discussion we know will cause people to start retreating to their bunkers and throwing stones again. I'm hoping that the fact that we are concentrating on torah not issues will help let people leave their agendas behind (He's being naive again). Generally you to know whether you're provoking anyone or not.
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